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Sponsoring Partners

Sponsoring Partners

The program is made possible through the generous support of our sponsoring partner organizations. Past and current sponsoring partners include:


Sponsoring partners can contribute to the program in the following three ways:

Fund Sponsors Session Sponsors Scholarship Sponsors
Sponsors make one-time or recurring fund contributions* of $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 to support program development, planning, and implementation.

* Sponsor contributions will be tax-deductible and managed through UB Foundation, a non-profit entity affiliated with the University of Baltimore.

Sponsors host one or more program sessions by offering on-site space, support, and resources Sponsors make one-time or recurring fund contributions of up to $3,000 that serve as scholarship awards for participants with financial assistance needs.

If you are interested in being a sponsoring partner, please contact any one of our program directors, Ann Cotten, at acotten@ubalt.edu, or Tara Taylor at,  tara.taylor@maryland.gov